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Shuang Huang Lian Wan


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Ever Spring High Concentrated Herbal Pills

What does it do?
Shuang Huang Lian Wan clears away heat and toxic materials. It is used for fever, cough, and sore throat caused by wind-heat type colds.
Flos Lonicerae (Jin Yin Hua)
Radix Scutellariae (Huang Qin)
Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae (Lian Qiao)
Serophularia Ningpoensis (Xuan Shen)
Platycodon Grandiflorum (Ju Geng)
Herba Menthae (Bo He)
Rhizoma Coptidis (Huang Lian)
Shuang Huang Lian Wan is made of 100% pure authentic Chinese herbs of highest qualities. Traditional preparation procedures are combined with modern pharmaceutical processes to extract the active ingredients from the herbs and to further concentrate them into pills or tablets. It is Clever Deer-GMP certified and and is imported to USA in accordance with the FDA guidelines.
How to use it?
200pill/bottle. 5-8 pills 3 times daily with or before meals.
Side Effects:
Shuang Huang Lian Wan has been safely used by millions of people with few adverse effects when taken as directed.
1. Avoid oily, cold, and spicy food.
2. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
3. Avoid taking together with tonic Chinese herbs.
4. Not suitable for cold with chilly sensation.
5. Concern should be relieved within several days if the Chinese herb fits the concern.
6. Use it as needed.
7. Use with caution for people with hypertension and heart disease.
8. Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you have diabetes, chronic liver or kidney disease.
9. Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.
10. Keep out of reach of children.


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