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Lumbar Disc Herniation

Lumbar disc herniation is one of the common causes of low back pain and it usually occurs in the 30–50-year-old manual laborer. Current available conservative therapies can only temporarily alleviate symptoms and the discectomy usually cause trauma and left chronic low back pain.
According to chronic soft tissue injury theory, lumbar disc herniation is not caused by the disc itself, but due to the formation of the soft tissue aseptic inflammation, adhesions, scarring and contracture on lumbar region during the repair process on of injuries of the body, leading to the change of the force curve in the lumbar spine, causing the disc by extrusion, bulging and due to pain of the low back and legs.
Acupuncture can reduce and even eliminate the aseptic inflammation of the soft tissues and overall release lumbar and nerve root adhesions, scar, and to restore the lumbar of the normal force curve, so as to cure the problem.
Tradition acupuncture works well for relieving the pain of lumbar disc herniation, and Dragon Acupuncture Techniques can possibly eliminate the pain for long period of time.

I Have a Bulging Disc, Disc Herniation, or Bone Spur, Can Acupuncture Still Help?

Acupuncture cannot treat a bulging disc, disc herniation, or bone spur itself. But these conditions can cause the swelling of ligaments, tendons around the vertebrae, and can cause pressure of the nerve root, resulting in pain, muscle spasm, and weakness of the limbs. Acupuncture may relieve the swelling and release the pressure on the nerves to a degree, and so the patient may feel relief from the pain and other symptoms.

For many of these patients, the conditions may not be really serious. However, your brain remembers the pain to prevent you from causing your spine further injury. Many times, your spine is not bad, but your brain still remembers the pain. Acupuncture is one way to refresh your memory, so you don’t feel the pain anymore.


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