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Heel Spur



Pain at the heel region is a common condition. During walking, the heel gets a very high load, so any disturbance, inflammation, overload leads to heel pain very often. The most frequent causes that lead to pain in the heel region:

  • heel spur
  • Achilles spur
  • inflammation or injury to the Achilles tendon

The heel spur is far the most common of the above conditions. In fact, the sole pain is caused by a periostitis and plantar fasciitis, not the hook of bone – spur – itself. The spur is rather a consequence of the prolonged fasciitis, and it very rarely gains such a huge size that needs surgical removal. As the main reason for the pain is the inflammation, the treatment is focused on the anti-inflammatory means, not the surgical solution.
In a similar way, an Achilles spur can develop at the attachment of the Achilles tendon. This condition is not so frequent as the heel spur, but it may cause more pain and discomfort when pressed by heel of the shoe.

How to treat heel pain with acupuncture?
Acupuncture can cause super-micro trauma at the areas where the fascia or the Achilles tendon attaches the heel. The body will start to reduce and even eliminate the inflammation on the site and then the pain will be reduced and gone. It requires skillful acupuncture technique to get the best result. We have helped many people with heel pain all other medical therapies failed.

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