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Corn is due to foot long by squeezing or rubbing of the skin occurs proliferative disease, occurs in the palms and paw, made in the foot, more common in the small toe lateral or toes, a flat circular horny hard object. Hyperplastic lesions stratum corneum thickening wedge, its roots deep, shaped like corns.

Etiology and pathology
Usually caused by long walk on improper shoes, or because blackmailed occur in the foot deformity caused by uneven force, long-term squeeze caused by friction. Skin, skin thickening, slightly above the surface of the tip downward depth skin, because when walking near the papillary dermis indirect extrusion sensory nerve endings and cause pain.
        Modern acupuncture medicine believes that corns is due to the accumulation of lesions of chronic soft tissue injury resulting scar, squeezing the nerve endings and cause pain.

Clinical Manifestations
Corn is usually sizes from a needle to a bean, scattered flesh inverted cone-shaped skin, smooth, flat surface of the skin or slightly elevated, the realm of clear, light yellow or dark yellow, plug into the dermis. Corn is common on the top and middle part the foot, on the lateral side of the little toe or medial side of the big toe. It is also found in dorsal.

Acupuncture Treatment
Traditional acupuncture treatments do not work well for corns. We have developed some very special acupuncture and moxibustion techniques to eliminate scars, unblock congestion, relieve local pressure to eliminate the symptoms and cure the disease.

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