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Chest Pain

Many reasons can cause check pain, including cardiac pain and lung disorders. But clinically most people with chronic pain on chest areas are due to soft tissue injuries/disorders.
The followings are the common seen problems cause chest pain.

  • Costochondritis (Costal Chondritis)
  • Chest Wall Contusion
  • Pectoralis Major Injury
  • Back injuries

In general, acupuncture works very well for chest pain. The key is to find out the injured/disorder soft tissue(s). But it is not easy in clinic. It requires the acupuncturist have not only lots of clinical experience, but also rich knowledge in anatomy of the soft tissues on the back and chest areas.

If you have chest pain, you should schedule a consultation with us, let us find out what is going on with you and we will let you know how we can help you with your problem.

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