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Bronchi are susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. Following a common cold or flu, the pathogen often settles in the bronchi, causing an acute infection called bronchitis. Severe cough, mild fever, and chest tightness and pain accompanied by fatigue and exhaustion are common symptoms. Over Chronic bronchitis, on the other hand, is often associated with smokers, people with asthma, immune-compromised individuals, and the elderly. About 1 in 20 Americans suffer from bronchitis as a result of common colds and flu, and over 12 million develop chronic bronchitis over their lifetime.

In Chinese medicine, respiratory infections are classified as heat in the lungs due to exterior pathogens. Weakened immunity as a result of lung-large intestine network deficiency is considered in chronic cases. Bronchitis is often remedied first with cupping, a practice using suction cups on the upper back, and acupuncture to relax the bronchial constriction and relieve the cough. These treatments are followed by fast-acting herbal therapy to remove the pathogen, clear the lungs, and further subdue the cough.

For chronic bronchitis, it is also essential to support the healthy functioning of the lung, stomach, and kidney networks, and to provide dietary and lifestyle advice. Stopping smoking is a must. Many cases of chronic bronchitis are caused by stomach imbalance.

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